CC BY-NC, Josh Lloyd, Flickr
CC BY-NC, Josh Lloyd, Flickr

Each Friday The ‘Mike’ features an interview with a blogger, professional, or person in ministry. Readers get acquainted with their favorite writers or important persons and learn about topics and concerns from a Christian perspective.

Here is the collection of all featured interviews. Also, look for the questions I make sure to ask most guests.


  1. 10 Questions for Chris Hendrix, writer of Devotions by Chris and team leader with Coreluv
  2. 10 Questions for Kate Bortell, writer of Serious Thoughts Taken Not So Seriously
  3. 11 Questions for Michael Stephens (Here I am interviewed by another blogger.)
  4. 10 Questions for Mark Myers, writer of Life in Portsong
  5. 10 Questions for Melissa Lingard, Child Sponsorship Director at Destiny Rescue Thailand
  6. 10 Questions for Ted Luoma, writer of cateritforward and volunteer with Mercy Chefs
  7. 10 Questions for Jordan Palser, International Humanitarian Manager at Orphan’s Promise


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