I Have Ownership

CC BY-NC, Jonny…on and off, Flickr

The joy of life in Christ is the assurance of ownership. We are God’s property, those of us whose lives are dedicated to Jesus. It is a revealing distinction between those who walk with God and those who do not. The mark of God doesn’t make one anything more than human, our gift, now flawed and frail. Yet that distinction lends us the necessary grace to push through and above the wretchedness of life and sin into fellowship with God.

It is a deep consolation to me to know that God controls my life, that I am held in his gravity and illumined by his light. I need not rely on my own headiness or caprice or draw cues from a dust cloud of wrong messages. I don’t have to be moved when trouble comes or left confused in life, lost between euphoria and depression in a tug-o-war of happiness. Instead, rest becomes my only chore—and strangely what a chore it can be but to trust that God’s sovereignty and goodness work for my good, that I can always retreat to the silent center where he dwells for instruction.

This ownership is available to all. God may not be everyone’s spiritual father, but he is nonetheless the Father of all creation. Everything and everyone already belongs to him. Life happens by his rules and according to his will, as mysterious as they can be. The difference, however, lies in our approach. I have resigned myself to need him. God ownership begins there, where we acknowledge our dependence on him and devote ourselves to him. This posture is difficult for the person who is the center of everything.