Prayer for All the Coming Saints

Psalm 119:175 says, “Let my soul live that it may praise You.” The idea in these words is something I often pray on the behalf of people who don’t know the Lord, a very broad category of people.

CC-SA, Petras Gagilas, Flickr
CC-SA, Petras Gagilas, Flickr

I think about all of those who are indifferent toward God and faith and don’t perceive their need for either. I reflect on the headstrong and the hurting who hate God. Others are running trying to get far away from him, although his hook is in them.

They are without Christ whatever their state. And more than the destruction that lies in their path is all the love, acceptance, freedom, and delight already offered to them by Jesus.

So I pray. I pray that God will not let sin and Satan destroy them. I pray that Jesus will confront them along their Damascus road and send them in a new direction. I pray because it crushes me when I learn of one who leaves this life and enters eternal perdition.

I long to see these folk caught up in worship in the Lord’s house. I want to hear their testimonies of how God mercifully rescued them from their folly at the last moment. I hope to see those testimonies nudge other sin-whipped souls toward the Cross to relieve their burdens.

And I get a little excited that perhaps one day in Heaven Jesus might find me and say, “Michael, you interceded and brought this one to me.”