How It Began

Mark Hunter, Flickr
Mark Hunter, Flickr

Hi. I’m Michael, the writer of this blog. I thought it might be interesting to tell you how it came to be. If you don’t mind, however, I’m going to take the “scenic route.”

I enjoy writing. I never knew that I wrote well until a high school teacher “discovered” me; and then I didn’t know that I liked writing until after it saved me from failing a college English course—a good reason to like it! I just knew it was creative and liberating and required minimal organization, something I’m good at.

Moreover, I was consistently writing well before high school. After drawing very close to God as a preteen, I would often “meet the page” to record all he was teaching me; and, in retrospect, that was formative. I’ve learned that writing ingrains God’s Word in me.

My brother introduced me to blogging while I was in college, and I composed a very large personal blog in subsequent years. But I never published my spiritual essays. Instead, I would write them, store them on computer, occasionally reread and revise them, and then store them again. That bothered me because I knew I had good material that could be edifying others.

That’s when I decided to self-publish and I did it twice. The first time I collected my essays and had a softcover book made; however, that road was going to literally be a tough sell. Then, I published an e-book with Amazon and sold a few copies to friends, but I realized that wasn’t the way either.

A rich scripture lesson soon pointed the way to this blog. Having exhaustively composed that teaching, it tipped the scale; and I toyed with the idea of building a devotional blog with all my essays. I waffled on the idea at first but finally threw all caution to God and landed here. That lesson, entitled “The Perils of Covetousness”, is the very first post on this blog.

So that’s how A ‘Mike’ for Christ came into being. I hope you enjoy all my posts, subscribe to the blog, and not hesitate to start discussion.

What do you think?

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