Stuff You Couldn’t Guess About Me

Flickr smiley shockMy name is Michael Lee but was almost Avery Lavon. If I were a girl, I would be Twanita Shonette. Eek!

I stuck a hot iron to my face when I was a boy.

My favorite animal is a giraffe.

French was my favorite subject in high school. I’ve studied it half my life.

I cry easily when I see good things happen to people.

I’ve spent an entire paycheck eating out.

My worst physical pain was the only migraine I’ve ever had. I endured dizziness and blurred vision for three weeks after the event.

When I was a kid, I opened the car door while my father was driving, imitating adults I’d seen do it to pour out drink or to spit. Unfortunately, I opened the door in a curve after coming down a hill and was thrown from the car. It was one of two such incidents.

I’ve played paintball only once and I never got hit.

I successfully raise three plants: Blessing, Miracle, and Glory!

I’ve witnessed a murder scene.

I’ve stood on the platform of a fast-moving locomotive traveling over a wooden truss-arch bridge about 100 feet in the air.

I had the luck of a kind job referral become a management offer in a major city.

I found a marijuana plant growing in my sister’s backyard while clearing brush—and two copperheads, a garter snake, and a yellow jacket nest.

I’ve experienced three tornado warnings—right in my hometown.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t taste wine until I could do so in France. I did that at the Louvre cafeteria in Paris. I also tasted my first green tea while climbing on Mount Fuji in Japan.

I’ve seen a living President: G.W. Bush.

My favorite foods are homemade mac-n-cheese, fried chicken, pizza, ice cream, and carrot cake.

If I could be anything for a day, I’d be a cowboy—attire, ranching…the whole shebang. 

I’ve never taken an Amtrak; however, I’ve ridden the Shinkansen and the TGV more than once.

I’ve had real wine at communion during a church service in France.

I watched my four wisdom teeth be cut out of my mouth. The orthodontist asked if I’d like to watch; I said ‘Yes’ and he gave me a mirror. They were all out in less than two minutes.

I’ve taken rides from complete strangers—a few times. I’ve offered them as well.

When the winner of a tennis match at the Winston Salem Open lobbed a ball high into the crowd, it dropped into my hand. 

I still watch cartoons.

What do you think?

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