CC BY-NC, Linn, Flickr
CC BY-NC, Linn, Flickr

CROSSING OVER: A Guide for Starting the Christian Life

Crossing Over is a simply written discipleship study course I wrote after an encounter with a new convert one Sunday. There were so many things I wished I could have shared with him about his new life; however, I knew that I would never have the chance. So instead of letting those stirred emotions and concepts settle in my heart once more, I wrote them down.

In this extended study (20,000+ words) I attempt to help new converts start the Christian life. New believers truly desire to live for God but hardly understand how to do what they’re supposed to be. Stop and think about it. They’ve seen a host of Christians and probably hold an accurate concept of Christianity, but living the godly life is a completely new thing for them. And before letting them get “churchy,” I hope to show them real spirituality and their very first important steps.

Listed below are the contents of this study. If you know a new believer in need of guidance, or you are that person, these words will be of great benefit.


  1. Introduction
  2. Lesson One:  Spiritual Transformation
  3. Lesson Two: Your New Identity
  4. Lesson Three: The Change
  5. Lesson Four: Habits
  6. Lesson Five: Prayer
  7. Lesson Six: Study
  8. Lesson Seven: Church
  9. Epilogue: Your Next Steps
  10. Appendix A: Glossary
  11. Appendix B: List of Spiritual Habits

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