Prayer: The Best Supporting Role

CC BY-NC, freefotouk, Flickr

When you’re lucky enough to get downtime in your day, sometimes your body betrays you for sleep. And not unlike the ebb and flow of water, body and brain may play a game of chase, one on the run and the other at the gate. Your head nods, your arms slip, your eyes close—until you catch yourself…and jerk, and nod, and jerk and nod, and chuckle, hoping no one was watching.

What we never consider is how our muscles support our bodies until the paralysis that comes with sleep overtakes the impulse to stay upright. I imagine it as a stately tree bending in the wind without apparent support. We are hardly ever aware that we actively hold ourselves

So it is with prayer. We may not know how it works; we just know it does, especially when some force—or maybe our own vices—tries to overcome it. By prayer we stand and have stood for so long. Prayer holds the world and our lives in posture: prayers for us and by us and those we pray involuntarily and those reaching heaven from some distant place on earth, unknown. Prayer is always near, powerful as muscles and as undetectable. Glory to God, for he hears.