Signs and the Wonder


I awoke from a dream asking a question: Would we sin less if we could see God? I don’t know what the dream was about nor does it matter, but it got me thinking. The short answer to this is no. Having God imminently present among us, or revealed to us in some way, in itself, would do very little to change our hearts, no more than he being powerfully present among the children of Israel kept them from falling into sin or Jesus being among the Jews stopped them from rejecting him as Messiah. Remember, Lucifer fell in the very presence of God.

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Some Cake for Your Journey

Simon Blackley, ND
Simon Blackley, ND

We all have experienced moments we wished wouldn’t end. They may have been intimate scenes or silly, fun ones.

For instance, I recall an exquisite piece of carrot cake that nearly raptured me. And the time I stepped into a pâtisserie famished from trekking and getting my first taste of flan. I could have eaten a pan of it.Read More »