Hail the Morning Light


What is it that makes the God of the Bible greater than all others?

Ever since humankind fell into sin, however it occurred at the dawn of human existence, God, who anticipated it all, responded in un-godlike fashion, if we believe the historical characterizations of deities.

He did not become intemperately furious and rain down destruction to wipe humans from the face of the earth; he did not scorn his creation and leave them without divine support. Instead, he chose to communicate himself and a grand design for restoring the race that was blind to its need.

The salvific nature of God—that he redeems—is among his greatest characteristics. God has committed himself to a plan of reconciling all things to match his wonder. No other god takes the time to deal with sinners more than to exact punishment upon them. But God seems to specialize in processing and refashioning what is broken and repudiated and presenting it to a watching world gloriously restored.

Is this not the story of so many biblical characters? Better still, could it not be your story? Our life’s journey bears the twists and turns that only bend at the permissive nod of a God who loves us extravagantly. We climb mountains and plow through valleys, experience the heat of drought and the refreshment of the stream—are they all not teaching moments? Do we merely live and die? I dare not believe that life is a circle lacking of real purpose in my experiences.

Contrarily, I know that every experience builds me in some way and anticipates a greater moment, not only for me but also for those who should enter my life. Every good and bad moment is a teaching moment of how to ride the waves being disciplined and true to God. You see, God redeems the brokenness of our lives and life itself.

Proverbs 4:18: “The path of the righteous is like the morning sun, shining ever brighter till the full light of day.” This verse is proof to me of God’s purposeful intention in our lives. The one who stands and raises his or her hands atop the mountain is the one who with strength and determination, cuts and sweat, conquered not only the mountain but every mental foe that threatened their resolve.

When that person takes in the view, perhaps a sunrise, they cherish every moment in the process it took to get there. Our redeeming God is eager to get our attention so we don’t waste our time. Many people don’t have a clue that they’re on any kind of journey or, sadly, don’t wish to climb the mountain. Some mountains don’t move because they’re not meant to move—we are. But it is never about the mountain.

In the end, the joy belongs to those of us who ascended. We may not have been perfect, but that certainly wasn’t the point. It was that we were committed to God and loved him back as richly as he first loved us. We acknowledged him and his plan in every high and low of life, and we served others with the knowledge we were blessed to experience. His reward to us is a view from the top, an uninhibited look at his goodness, the grace that all along pushed us higher and higher. This is the glory of God.

11 thoughts on “Hail the Morning Light

  1. @”But God seems to specialize in processing and refashioning what is broken and repudiated and presenting it to a watching world gloriously restored…”” WOW & Whoa..It is when I read things like this from your thoughts & sharings; that I realize why I added your blog as a fave in the first place..This quote that I’ve selected is my herstory and better yet my living testimony..Sometimes I kid you not I wish I could scream it from the highest rooftop..BUT I’m afraid of heights..Well I just don’t mess around on any high perches..Scary looking down, right? What IF we fall? Can’t we fall from high perches? Those are thoughts I have when I’m high UP and looking around..and its why I say I’ve a fear of heights..Although I’m up on such a high right now..Riding a wave thats been building UP for the past 3 yrs…And I’ve been so busy living my testimony/talking it/writing it; I’ve not had much time to; fear. God is so good & indeed all of the time..Thank you for sharing because today of all days; I really needed to re-remember this..Stay blessed & keep sharing your messages..Never know who might need to read it. 🙂

    • Berna, you affirmed me and made me laugh! I’m so glad these words lifted you. Also, where can I read your testimony, if written? Yes, our God is SO good; I’m learning it all the time. I’ve been “going through” the last three years, but he has proven his faithfulness. In fact, I’ve never been closer to him…never been richer in my spiritual life. Praise God for you! I can sense your faith and joy in God. Enjoy that mountain view–don’t be scared!

      • Lol Glad I could make you laugh..Laughter is good for the soul..And I laugh alot offline also..Its been said I laugh so much sometimes its a wonder my cheeks don’t get sore! Truth is sometimes they do…I’ll dig a bit and get back to you on what posts my testimony is in..I think its scattered over an array of posts..

        I can relate to those periods of “going through” Been there and crawled from under and over and through..Unlike you though at those times I felt so far away from God..That was back when I wasn’t on a steady path of “seeing” something I couldn’t see/touch/hear..I used to Believe things were so Black and White. Hope that makes as much sense to you as it does to me..Last time I was in a period of “going through?” I had a spiritual awakening so VIVID that it took my breath away..I had somehow in my desire to “feel” God’s love as my Mom kept urging me, sat down very very early one morning to read a very very big Bible..Wasn’t something I was used to doing either! BUT I neeeeeded to get some sense of what God was; so I went to the Bible. Had NO clue how to even read the Bible. (and I’m honestly still learning to do that..) I asked God that morning to let me hear his voice. I asked God that morning to let me feel his Love. And I kid you not; instantly I knew he was right there with me….A feeling of such utter warmth and wonderfulness came flowing over me so suddenly it shocked me! I thought for a minute I was sleep and dreaming..But it was so real..And from that moment on? I fully Believed. And then I could recall ALL of the instances/experiences that God’s hand/HIS love had been in my Life..I could finally see..I once was lost in the forest & then suddenly I wasn’t..And I’ve been on a steady UPward motion forward motion with turbo speed ever since…It happened to me & I’m sure it will happen to you also. Because? God IS..Enjoying our link-up and looking forward of your telling of how you pulled through..It will come to be.

        • Berna, thank you for sharing that experience, which is amazing–“Instantly I knew he was right there with me.” But your detailing this account did something else for me, too. I just wrote what I hope will be a small book for new Christian about how to take their first steps in God. In the book, I help them understand how they might have come to their knowledge of God. What you just explained of yourself is almost exactly how I explained one scenario. You know, some people come to God gradually; others have near-instantaneous awakenings. But, thank God, he finds us all and changes us. I love how you say, “I fully Believed…then I could recall ALL of the instances/experiences that God’s hand/HIS love had been in my Life..I could finally see…And I’ve been on the steady UPward motion forward motion with turbo speed ever since.” People sometimes question “God encounter” experiences, and perhaps it is safe to be cautious about most. But I look in the person’s life: did it change them? Did it revolutionize them? No one will convince me that Jesus and his works were not real because the disciples and Christians throughout history took some real heat for his name. Only a fool would incur to him- or herself needless punishment. This experience is real. God is real, and he is real within us.

        • Very beautifully expressed and written..I’d love to read your book when it is complete..Totally dig your style of writing /spiritual insight /& Faith

        • And you’re blessed also…I can feel it in the words you pen..I count mine at the beginning of every morning..And by days’ end some days, even when I don’t feeeeel like it, I count them AGAIN..Keep reminding myself to recall the blessings even on the days I ‘m in a funk

        • I have my settings set to alert me when someone responds to my comment..Plus I can look under comments I made; to see comments made before or after mine..What is yours set on?

        • I was referring to the levels of threaded comments. Not sure if you saw it, but our comments were down to vertical lines of single words (lol). So I changed it to four levels deep instead of eight, that’s all. But I am alerted by email and, of course, I check-in here often.

        • Ahhhh ok …No I hadn’t seen that yet..I’ve just been responded to you by way of my notifications…How funny that must have looked though lol!

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