Rabbi Yeshua Ends U.S. Tour

Boston, MA – Today marked the final public appearance of Rabbi Yeshua on his first U.S. tour. Rabbi Yeshua began his religious crusade in San Diego on June 14th and for two weeks traveled extensively across the country. His meetings largely included preaching, teaching, and personal ministry.

The popular 30 year-old rabbi from Jerusalem is greatly admired by many but controversial to others. He has claimed to be divine. His ministry has several confirmed reports of physical healings, miracles, and heavenly manifestations.

While in the States, Rabbi Yeshua led a massive preaching campaign about the “kingdom of God.” He claims that he is from Heaven and has come to offer humans forgiveness of their sins and reconciliation to God.

CC BY-NC, DM, Flickr
CC BY-NC, DM, Flickr

Rabbi Yeshua hosted 16 public meetings that filled the nation’s largest arenas and stadiums. Some of the meetings were broadcast nationally. Two million people crowded the Lake Michigan waterfront in Chicago to hear him last week.

On Friday Rabbi Yeshua was welcomed to the White House by President Bernal.

It was the smaller, unannounced meetings, however, that took many Americans by surprise. Rabbi Yeshua showed up in parks and town squares greeting people and teaching. The Rabbi did announce unplanned events on social media when he was visiting college towns. He has a strong youth following.

Reaction to Rabbi Yeshua in the religious community has been mixed. Many religious leaders believe his message and miracles to be true, but few believe he is the “Son of God.” There are also those who say the Rabbi is a fraud and refuse to believe any of his claims.

Most people say that he is a good person and is very generous to others.

Rabbi Yeshua drew scores of celebrities and politicians to his events. Many have responded positively to him. Most notably, actor Jeffrey Derulis made a public profession of faith in the Rabbi after he says his brother was healed of melanoma by him.

Rabbi Yeshua will address the United Nations General Assembly in September.

13 thoughts on “Rabbi Yeshua Ends U.S. Tour

  1. Healings? Miracles? Must be from the devil. Anyway, that’s what quite a few “False apostle…false prophet” watchdog blogs are saying about Him. Must be true. Doesn’t this Rabbi know that God is a cessationist. 😛

  2. Amazing Mike. I have never heard of this rabbi. John told us that many antichrists would appear. My Savior is sitting at the right hand of the Father even this second.

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