Beware Satan and His Crooked Hoss!

CC BY, Todd McCann, Flickr
CC BY, Todd McCann, Flickr

One day years ago I had to pick my mom up from work. Never tardy, I started arriving early just to read or listen to the radio. The parking lot was always too full for my liking, so I would park in the grass on the quiet road in front of the facility until I saw workers exiting.

This day I parked perhaps a car length behind a trailer truck; it seemed to have warded off the other cars that usually lined up there. I thought nothing of it and relaxed listening to the radio. What came next, however, shot me straight into a panic. The truck suddenly reversed giving me little time to react. I went to start the car to back up but only managed to blow the horn trying to get the driver’s attention. Didn’t he see me?

Not at all—the truck hit the car and started pushing it…and pushing. I kept calm, still on the horn, but grew alarmed unsure if there was a driver in the truck at all or if the car and I would end in the gully feet to the right, crushed.

Fortunately, it was over in seconds. The truck stopped and then pulled onto the road. The driver never knew I was there.

Satan Goes About…Don’t Go to Him! 

I could make arguments about how the trucker should have seen or heard me, but the problem was quite simple: I shouldn’t have parked behind the truck. Or, since there was no place to park in front of the semi, I should have given more space between us and made sure I was in the driver’s view.

In the end, I had badly positioned myself.

That’s something I don’t want to do in life. Who prepares to fail or places themselves in a position to be rescued? Honestly, I don’t think anyone does, even the people who never see how their habitual God-awful choices precipitate their undoing. Moreover, this is the whole reason why people get degrees and retraining and become proactive about their health or parenting. The consequences of bad positioning can be costly.

God tells us the same thing (Rom. 12:21): “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” Said another way, Satan’s drives that big rig—and he saw you park behind him. Get anywhere near him and he’ll find a way to run you over.

And there’s the point, robed in church bells and angel voices: don’t go near him.

What do you think?

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