Obedience is Like a Good Morning Breakfast

CC Steven Depolo Flickr
CC Steven Depolo Flickr

The Lord chooses each of us for specific tasks. We may feel inadequate, overwhelmed, or perhaps unimpressed. But he has important reasons why YOU are the person for the assignment.

A former college mate and her friend visited me while we lived in Japan. She taught English in the Kansai region. One morning I planned to make them breakfast. Standard breakfast for me always includes scrambled eggs and bacon.

I cooked the bacon to perfection; however, I was very self-conscious about cooking the eggs. Although my eggs were…well, fit for the gods, I didn’t want my guests to be displeased with them for being too…something. It was pretty irrational.

So I pined until my friend decided she would make the eggs. And she did but left half of them clinging to the frying pan! I could have kicked myself!

Just Do What He Says

God may have told you to simply do a nice thing for someone or maybe something that’s not pleasant at all. Moreover, he doesn’t ask us to understand it first and so precludes our feelings for why we cannot do it—our lack of confidence, illogical fears, or spite for the very ones he sends us to.

He just needs our obedience. When we obey, others will be blessed and so will we. And we’ll notice that we already possessed within us everything that was necessary to perform the task just as he desired.

So, go ahead and serve your best eggs. Better to eat them than to wear them!

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