Let Me Hear Your Heart

Viewminder NC-ND
Viewminder NC-ND

I want to be close to you…YOU. I’m not talking about God now. We surrender ourselves to him all the time. We need to make sure we love others with the same abandon.

I refuse to live afraid of others or to make people outcasts for petty or irrational reasons. I look back on my life and notice how I’ve overcome fear of others. I realized that we might be different but our humanity and needs put us on common ground and naturally foster civility.

Furthermore, if you’re gonna minister to people, you must get over that wall quickly because God brings us to deep personal matters we never see coming.

We err by sending God here-and-there and thinking prayer alone will fix every situation. Rather, we are God’s hands and feet, his heart and love. His grace is expressed to others through our compassion, our intercession, our burden for someone else. He feels with our hearts as we feel with his.

So we can stop expecting dramatic acts of God if we’re unwilling to show up for him. Instead, expect him to use you. “Lord, let us be your answer to someone today.”

3 thoughts on “Let Me Hear Your Heart

  1. Amen Mike. We are His church, we are His priests and we were designed for doing good. Can’t fulfill any of those by staying away from others, believers as well as non-believers. 😊

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