Reading Changes Everything

Cr4nberry, CC-NC
Cr4nberry, CC-NC

What I’ve loved most about teaching the scriptures is watching illumination dawn in someone’s heart. You can literally see it in their face. “I’ve never seen it that way!” they will say or “You make it so plain.”

Certainly that feels good and I’m grateful to God for my own comprehension and ability to communicate the Word. But what makes me sad is knowing that the wisdom of Scripture is available to all who peer therein; and often it’s evident that many of these folk spend little time in the Word or don’t study it deeply enough.

I know this kind fills churches. They see their potential to become strong in God’s Word and other spiritual habits but have consistently failed at the necessary praxis required to attain it. They’re Christians, but not vibrant ones; and they may desire what they observe in other believers or sense the Spirit’s upward call.


Study of the Word is crucial because it’s our primary method of getting God’s words, concepts, and promises into our hearts. It’s the truest Christian feast and imbibing God’s counsel purifies our lives. Yet so many people I meet generally dislike reading, and this shouldn’t be underestimated.

Professors of pedagogy will do far better explaining the importance of the reading process. But my point is underscored by the fact that we do our darnedest to get children reading ahead of the curve at the youngest ages. Clearly people know less and exhibit less intelligence the less they read and study subjects, life, and the world.

So to think that a person might be missing out on the very heart of the faith, the Word himself, and made disadvantaged by their neglect to read and apprehend what has been left for their instruction—it overwhelms me. Why? Because the real problem is not spiritual, but a learning issue, used to Satan’s advantage.


Look, I need more study in my life, so I’m preaching to my own choir. Also, let us not take for granted that we are literate and can read and own multiple Bibles when so many couldn’t in previous centuries and still today.

I usually say we all have as much of God as we desire. But I think it is better stated we all will have as much of God as we partake of him.

6 thoughts on “Reading Changes Everything

  1. “I usually say we all have as much of God as we desire. But I think it is better stated we all will have as much of God as we partake of him.” Amen. Great point!

    And we learn differently when we read than listening to a message or watching a video. And, as the saying goes, leaders are readers.

    • Never heard that saying; but it can only be true. I also like your statement about how learning by reading is different compared to the more passive mediums. So true! Cheers!

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