The Ghost of Christmas Presents

George, NC-SA
George, NC-SA

I entered the local Game Stop store to pick up a gift card for a young family member. There were people everywhere and a line wound from the checkout. I’m not sure why this surprised me.

Finally near the front, one of the cashiers caught my attention when he stepped back to the counter with a video game in-hand that had been under lock-and-key and addressed the customer.

“This video is rated ‘M’ for Mature,” he advised. The man stood there with his young son. “It has sex, violence, blood, and gore. Is this O.K.?” The man quickly nodded, gave a half-hearted smile, and replied, “Yeah.”

The purchase was finished and when father and son turned to leave, the young boy now held the video game and gleefully stated, “Thanks dad!” I left the store bewildered and then hoped that the gift card I had just purchased for my great-nephew would be used to buy something wholesomely fun.

15 thoughts on “The Ghost of Christmas Presents

  1. So sad that Dad couldn’t be more of a role model for his son. Breaks my heart. Heather is right; shows the lack of maturity on the dad’s part. Be sure to tell that story when you give your gift.
    Merry Christmas, Mike.

    • I was blown away and, yes, it is so sad. What’s sadder is that this same scenario is so common on a much larger scale; and this is what leads to the downturn of our youth and society. Merry Christmas to you as well!

  2. “This video is rated ‘M’ for Mature,” he advised.

    See, that right there was the first problem. The father would have to be “Mature” himself to understand the damage of the “sex, violence, blood, and gore” on his home, let alone his son’s mind. The son probably thinks the fact his dad overlooked the warnings and bought the game anyway makes him “cool”. Such a sad truth about the climate of our culture.

    Thanks for sharing, Mike. I pray you have a wonderfully blessed Christmas that is rated “J for Jesus”. 🙂

    • The dad should be ashamed. I wonder what the mom might have done in that scenario. But when the son grows up and possibly starts acting out sex, violence, blood, and gore…oh well. We are so naive to think that the input we feed ourselves in certain media don’t give expression in our lives.

      Merry Christmas to you, Heather; and Happy New Year, too!

  3. I had no idea these games were rated. It shows how current I am. Hopefully your great-nephew purchases a decent game. Merry Christmas my friend and may God bless 2015 in a fantastic way, Mike.

      • I did have an excellent Christmas. The Lord gave me a wonderful early gift Tuesday night. I was able to lead an orthodox Jewish person to Christ after a lengthy process. It was tremendous. I hope you had a great one, Michael.

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