A Portrait of Trust

Kari Siren/Flickr

We are exhorted to trust God throughout Scripture. It is a biblical essential. A scriptural definition of trust in a single word is confidence, revealing that matters of trust toward God are inextricable of the term faith, a spiritual hallmark. My guess is that if you asked most Christians if they trust God or trust in him, they would say yes. But what does trusting God look like and how does one know they are confiding in him? That is my goal here, to envision it. Continue reading “A Portrait of Trust”

The Parable of Passion and Patience

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One of my favorite parts of The Pilgrim’s Progress is the scene with Passion and Patience. Christian arrives at Interpreter’s house where he is given a brief tour. In one room he notices two lads, the elder named Passion, the other Patience.
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