See What the Lord Can Do!

The king of Aram was flustered. His every plan against Israel was being discovered, and he was ready to make an end of the traitor in his camp. Then one of his men explained to him, “My lord, Elisha the prophet reports everything you say, even your pillow talk!” I embellish but the news must have surprised the king, and it humors me just a little.

So when the king comes to capture Elisha, the prophet’s servant fears when he wakes up to see the besieging army. (Did the king not think Elisha wouldn’t know he was coming?) Elisha confidently tells him, “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them” (2 Kings 6:16).

It is then that Elisha graciously asks the Lord to “open his eyes” to see what he meant. And the Lord answered by letting the servant behold the host of angels, horses, and fiery chariots flanking them all.

The Place of Decision

What a gripping biblical account! I was provoked recently by a pastor’s words, which I immediately revised into a faith statement: “I trust God more than I trust my situations.” Really, his words struck bedrock in me.

Have you ever gone through a tough place and despite loving the Lord and being faithful, you wondered if God was going to come through for you? Or you heard Satan’s voice—“Just what if…” “Might all your believing and confidence be in vain?” “You’re going to embarrass yourself!”

But you were in too deep with God. Although God’s hand hadn’t yet moved, you couldn’t get weary and give up ground; like David, you couldn’t faint and risk missing God’s glorious deliverance. And that was when you decided that you were either going to stop trusting God or dig your heels in and tell Satan, “The Lord rebuke you!”

He Comes, the Lord of Hosts!

Those words shook me. They were an assurance from God telling me to stay in place and cling to faith, that I figured right when I first chose to believe.

I understand the servant’s reaction; all us of do because none of us have trusted God perfectly in our trials. Moreover, I’m moved that Elisha prays so generous a prayer and marvel that the Lord lovingly responds with such dramatic assurance.

When I was a kid, Preston, one of my neighborhood friends got angry with me for some small reason and assembled a posse to beat me up. One day I heard my name being called from the street, and I opened the door to find at least ten kids waiting for me. In a tiny but real way I understand the dread the servant felt.

But that day God whom he had always watched Elisha trust for the wildest miracles personally taught him—even him—that God was bigger than that king’s army, that his posse was not only bigger but ‘badder’ than anything the Devil had.

I pray that God will give you like assurance when dark skies trouble your faith. Mine was to hear the voice of God scatter every doubt; who knows how he’ll persuade you. Just know that you’re protected and your situations don’t match God’s ability. Keep trusting God because he’s coming with victory.

2 thoughts on “See What the Lord Can Do!

  1. I’ve been there at that moment of doubt–you describe it perfectly–and when I expressed it, the flood of overwhelming grief was more than I could bare. That is my moment of ‘I trust God more than my situation’, when He opened my eyes to His heavenly hosts. How could I walk away from true reality into the shadows of fear and sadness?

    Thanks for sharing this, Michael, and calling us to walk boldly in this world under His protection.

    • You know, I’m learning that faith is a constant upward call to abide in God. Paul said it: “The life I live…I live by faith in the Son of God” (Gal. 2:20). His reality must be my reality.

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