The ‘Mike’ Gets Versatile!

CC BY-NC, It's Great To Be Home, Flickr
CC BY-NC, It’s Great To Be Home, Flickr

Well it’s happened again: a fellow blogger has nominated The ‘Mike’ for an award! This time it’s the Versatile Blogger Award (VBA), and the nod comes from my friend at Journey With God. Thanks so much!

The VBA, according to its WordPress page, recognizes quality writing, unique content, and “the level of love displayed in the words.” Gee! That’s a high mark I hope I meet. At least one person thinks so!

Requirements are not unlike other awards: display the award; thank and link back to the nominator; nominate (15) other blogs; and offer seven interesting facts about oneself.

And the Nominees Are…

So, let me tell you what blogs I think meet the criteria. In no order…

Although these writers don’t have to accept the award, it’s my pleasure to introduce them to you. I hope you’ll enjoy these blogs as much as I do.

Now About Me

Seven interesting things…hmm. I’ll make it quick.

  1. I am very laid back.
  2. I think 80’s music is the best music ever.
  3. I am good at organizing and actually enjoy cleaning.
  4. I love any baked good—and I love baking them!
  5. I spend 10-times more time revising my blog posts than I do writing them.
  6. I think I would’ve made a great lawyer or musician in another life.
  7. I was probably closer to killing myself than I realized my first and only time skiing, but it was a blast!