The Beatitudes Paraphrased

CC NC-SA, Will Humes, Flickr
CC NC-SA, Will Humes Flickr

Joyful are they who keep a humble opinion of themselves, for the treasures of the life of faith belong to them.

Joyful are they who grieve for their sins, for they shall have lasting spiritual comfort.

Joyful are they who with patience endure injury, for they shall receive abundantly in this life.

Joyful are they who crave godliness, for their souls shall be satisfied.

Joyful are the compassionate, for they shall receive compassion.

Joyful are they with pure motives and singleness of heart, for they shall be the friends of God.

Joyful are the peacemakers, for they shall be those who most resemble their Father.

Joyful are they who are oppressed for their godly lifestyle, for they have proof of their sanctification and evidence of their entrance into the heavenly kingdom.

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