Creation in Praise

Howard Ignatius, NC-ND
Howard Ignatius, NC-ND

Moon at my window—Oh, so bright!—like the light of an angel. You are guard of the night, watching and protecting all who sleep, there to let the animals see.

Sun on my face, fiery Chariot of Day! When you arrive, colors leap to life and the darkness hides. You make the world beautiful and take away coldness and fear.

Stars in my eyes…way up high, torches lit in the constant night. You are the cosmic sands of time scattered throughout the vast unknown. Quietly you come and go, endlessly.

LORD of incredible wonder, you made them all. You are God—how beautiful you must be! And your Heaven is surely greater than these, a paradise for the King and his children!

The ‘Mike’: Update

Maarten, SA
Maarten, SA

Hello Readers. As you’ve noticed, I’ve not posted in a while and it’s due to new work, a long-awaited answer to prayer as some of you know. Yet there are trade-offs and one of them is less time doing what I absolutely enjoy: writing.

Just know that I have not abandoned The ‘Mike’. I still get here and to some of your blogs to look around; and I always reply to comments. I will create new posts when I can (and you can imagine all the topics and ideas waiting to be written!)

Missing your spiritual encouragement,


Q&A: Pegging God

The Hamster Factor NC-ND
The Hamster Factor NC-ND

Upon walking out of Walmart, I saw a small BMW tattooed like the car in the photo here. It’s fairly easy to learn more than you care to know about eager bumper sticker-ers and their views.

One tat caught my eye. It read “God is too big for one religion.” Of course, that came at me like “Well, son, wadda got to say about that!” I deliberated and then I thought about you.

So how do you respond to this? I’d really appreciate your answer.