The ‘Mike’: Update

Maarten, SA
Maarten, SA

Hello Readers. As you’ve noticed, I’ve not posted in a while and it’s due to new work, a long-awaited answer to prayer as some of you know. Yet there are trade-offs and one of them is less time doing what I absolutely enjoy: writing.

Just know that I have not abandoned The ‘Mike’. I still get here and to some of your blogs to look around; and I always reply to comments. I will create new posts when I can (and you can imagine all the topics and ideas waiting to be written!)

Missing your spiritual encouragement,


8 thoughts on “The ‘Mike’: Update

  1. Your blog may shake and shift as you move into this new season in your life. And that’s ok. If that happens, embrace it, don’t feel the need to box it into the familiar. You won’t be disappointing anyone by flowing with change.

    Just felt like it was important that you hear that.

    • Man! Had I thought about doing THAT, I would’ve done it! But then you probably wouldn’t have ever heard from me again because I’d probably have gotten myself eaten up. Oh well. Cheers!

  2. Michael,
    Looking forward to your revelations from the new path God has called you to take. Praying for encouragers and supporters to come along side you! I have a feeling that you will be writing quite a bit in your new position as you see the need for biblical resources and materials in that field.
    Standing with you always!

    • How encouraging, Kathleen! Thanks so much. I hope to do much writing; however, right now it’ll hopefully be grant writing and curriculum. Will definitely share all that I learn. God bless!

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