New Testament Trivia!

CC BY-NC-SA, LEOL30, Flickr
CC BY-NC-SA, LEOL30 Flickr

Let’s see how well you fair. Share your comments.

  • Excitement over what miracle effectually sealed Jesus’s fate? (John 11:45-54)
  • To whom did Paul likely write a prior epistle that is now lost?
  • Who was the prophet that accompanied Paul on his second missionary journey? (Acts 15:32)
  • A portion of what group of religious leaders converted as the gospel spread in Judea? (Acts 6:7)
  • What church in the province of Asia received a now lost letter that was to be read by the Colossians and vice versa? (Colossians 4:16)
  • What event marked the first great persecution against Christians in Judea? (Acts 8:1-3; 11:19)
  • Who was the cause of sharp disagreement between Paul and Barnabas and was Barnabas’s cousin? (Acts 15:36-40; Col. 4:10)
  • What was the requirement the 11 apostles imposed in selecting Judas’s replacement? (Acts 1:21-22)
  • Who was the first apostle martyred? (Acts 12:1-2)
  • What four languages might Jesus have spoken?



 the raising of Lazarus; the Corinthians (1 Cor. 5:9, 11; 2 Cor. 7:8); Silas; the priests; the church at Laodicea; the martyrdom of Stephen; Mark, writer of the Gospel; the person must have been an adherent of Jesus’s ministry from his baptism at Jordan to his ascension; James the Greater, brother of John; Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek (most likely), and Latin (possibly)

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