“Open the Universe!”

CC BY-ND, rmatthendrick, Flickr
CC BY-ND, rmatthendrick, Flickr

Okay, let’s think outside the box. 

Evil has recently been vanquished and the redeemed now live on New Earth where all is perfect and Jesus is King. Many customs and things still resemble the previous world, although spectacularly enhanced now. Pastime and sports, for example, still exist and so does most other recreation, including a truly virtual telecasting experience.

The biggest draw across the global kingdom now is an ongoing contest called “Open the Universe!” initiating Jesus’s long-awaited expansion of the human race to other planets throughout the cosmos. But who will govern the first new world?

Thus, Jesus has handpicked two teams of the faithful to compete and showcase their glorious skills and abilities. The task: build a city. Each team travels to a designated location on New Earth, constructs, and manages a city of their own, engaging the help and talents of the chosen denizens who will inhabit that domain.

In the end, Jesus will award his first regency to the team that has best organized, designed, erected, and governed its city. There are no losers; the second team will gain regency of the next expansion.

The people of New Earth are riveted by the giftedness of the participants, for each person presents facets of the Sovereign One, as they are called, only that individual can express. In fact, the hosts in Heaven watch with excitement, too.

Here are the first teams:


Captain: David
Team:  Moses, John, Ezekiel, Apollo, Paul, Deborah, Solomon, Titus, Stephen, Silas, Noah, Elijah, Hezekiah, Ezra


Captain: Joseph
Team: Abraham, Peter, Nehemiah, Josiah, Daniel, Esther, Joshua, Barnabas, Elisha, Luke, Samson, Timothy, Philip the Evangelist, John the Baptist

Cities on New Earth are designed around themes that are strongly incorporated in the built environment. The theme Jesus desires for these new cities is “Human Wonder in Eternal Triumph.” Use of the theme also factors in team selection.

Based on what you know of these people’s lives, particularly their strengths and abilities—projected in a perfect reality—which team do you think would be awarded the first regency? Why?

  • How do you interpret the city theme? 
  • How might each team incorporate the theme into its design?

Please comment and be imaginative!

10 thoughts on ““Open the Universe!”

    • Haha… My personal assessment surprisingly put both teams at an even score, and I just nearly went with Team Lion, too. Thanks for reading and sharing! (Btw, do you mind entering your vote on the poll?)

        • Yes. I saw your writing and appreciate your teaching. I will be reading. I used to work in Raleigh some with Norfolk Southern. I also took a liking to the city. Thanks for the vote and cheers!

        • There are actually two of us. My brother stopped for a bit when I started the series. You should see some of his work shortly.
          The more I think about your post the more I like it. That was super original.
          I’ll put a follow on your blog in a few.
          A Servant

        • That’s nice of you to say. I just think we Christians sometimes don’t use our gift of imagination enough. I’m in no hurry to get out of this world, but I enjoy pondering the life to come. It is our hope and comfort.

          So I thought I’d open the discussion. People were interested and traffic is high; but I’m disappointed that no one really contributed. Can’t say I didn’t expect it. Many people read to feed or encourage themselves, but something like this kinda stands on the sidelines of our concern. Perhaps too sci-fi.

        • I have a missionary brother in Utah. He is trying to bring the gospel to a Mormon stronghold. 4 years and counting no converts, at least you got a few. He is still the poster boy for optimism.
          Patient continuance might be what is required. Don’t give up yet, you might be on to something.
          A Servant

  1. It’s a dead heat, but I’ll give the nod to Team Lamb. I think Team Lion can definitely get the project done and manage it well; however, I think Lamb might be more creative and succeed in incorporating the theme. To me the theme focuses on the original glory and purpose God intended for the human creature.

    Team Lamb incorporates this theme, in my mind’s eye, by creating an amazing city that is surprisingly far less technological by today’s standards simply because the human returned to its glory uses an incredibly high level of consciousness that would appear like superpowers today and make many technology obsolete.

    Instead, the society is built to enhance relations between humans and between humans and the animals that joyfully take on servant roles. In many ways it would be a return to Eden.

  2. Wow! Tough question, I went with Team Lion on the strength of David and Moses and we’d be hoping to recruit Caleb, but I’m going to have to ponder the rest.

    • Lion, eh? There is some real know-how on that team–David, Noah, Hezekiah, Deborah, Ezra… What’s funny is that I thought about adding Caleb! Cheers!

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