11 thoughts on “Poll: The “Bonanza Tithe”

  1. I’m not certain my vote reflected this (all, in parts, to one or more places), but I would set up a trust where an organization would receive ongoing and large monthly payments.

  2. It’s funny when I just thought about it. I’ve always said, “If I ever win the lottery, I would tithe to several different churches. I wouldn’t give it all to one.” I voted that way in this poll too. After thinking about it, my reason for not giving it to one church is that I don’t trust them with that much money or that they don’t need that much money, yet I’m asking God (by playing the lottery) to trust me with even more.

    • I’m just gonna say “Uh-huh” because if I start talking, it’s gonna be post-long! The “vigorous and longstanding debate” I mentioned has been a riveting “rock-em-sock-em” with various input from the Bible, church ethics, business, and investments. Wish I could discuss it with you. I’ve considered writing my thoughts on the lottery here, but Lord, no! That would certainly be my most commented post; and I’d be burned at the stake later! 😉

      • Lol I understand. I believe it’s one of many personal convictions that believers have. I also believe we’re to be good stewards of what God has given us. If all we have was given to is by God and we give Him 10% as thanks, then I believe He us still concerned with what we do with the other 90%.

        • Touché, Chris! But Skype would be better to dump it all on you! I can trust you to think deeply and not go off the deep end.

        • I don’t go off the deep end. I’m pretty level headed and love a good, thought provoking discussion. I think listening to opposing views shapes my own. I don’t think we get any where when we dig our feet in and demand that we are completely right. If we point to scripture and say this is what it says, this is how I read it, and ask what do you think, it creates dialogue versus entrenched madness.

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