The Known Universe

The following is an extraordinary video detailing the dimensions of our universe. It’s entitled The Known Universe. If you haven’t seen it, then prepare your mind: you’re headed for the boggle point! Unfortunately, I must leave it in a smaller format while it’s on my main page because my theme uses columns. View it directly on YouTube and you will be able to expand the screen. Enjoy. You’ll be singing “God of Wonders” when it’s all over!

9 thoughts on “The Known Universe

  1. Awesome, Mike. I love these videos. Kind of puts things in perspective, doesn’t it. 🙂

    Have you seen this video? It’s similar but I like how it ends, going backwards to a quantum level.

    • Cool! I was going to mention the “universe within,” and I’m happy this video captures that. But…I’m usually not slow on astronomy and science, but, Mel, I didn’t understand what that was at the very end…the God particle? Help me out.

      • Not sure what they meant. They probably aren’t sure either! You do realize that no one has ever actually seen an electron, let alone quantum level particles. Hence, they try to explain it with the Higgs-boson model and other postulations. But we know it all starts with Him. 🙂

        • Okay, so it was simply conceptual…got it. Take a look at the Ted lesson called “How Big is an Atom?” Really cool. Thanks, Mel.

        • I will check it out. What’s interesting is that almost all of matter is actually space, meaning, it’s invisible! It’s called non-local or another dimension, if you will. So, quantum physics has no problem with this, why do believers have trouble believing in this spiritual world we can’t see?

        • You’re right and that atom video showcases that fact really well. And to answer your question: I haven’t a clue! I enjoy envisioning the spiritual world, Heaven particularly. I call it the ultimate experience in physics; it’s one reason I enjoy thinking about Adam and Jesus after his resurrection. Just fascinating! Thanks for the discussion!

        • Cool. Quantum physics really lends itself to understanding the supernatural. I’ve talked to atheists about God using quantum science. Too bad so many Christians are stuck in Newtonian physics, spiritually speaking. Yes, fascinating subject. I could talk about it all day. Thanks for bringing it up. 🙂

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