Be Careful Little Eyes…

CC BY-NC-SA, Peter Nederlof, Flickr
CC BY-NC-SA, Peter Nederlof, Flickr

I’d like to share a humorous story I read in a local magazine written by a pastor.

He reminisces about an encounter he had with some cattle ranchers from the Midwest. The pastor grew up in the city, so learning about the ranchers’ way of life excited him. He describes himself as being “mesmerized” by the details of their work and underscores the immense skill and dedication the job requires.

One of the ranchers vividly recounted helping one of his cows give birth several years before. Yet the focal point of his detailed account was not the process; instead, it was something unexpected: the rancher’s young son. While the rancher eagerly midwifed the cow, the boy, maybe five years-old at the time, stood by a fence absorbing the whole event.

The rancher dreaded that he would have to explain the birds and the bees to the preschooler; but maybe the boy wouldn’t care to talk about what he saw at all. When everything was over, the rancher approached the little one, fearing he was “too traumatized” by the event, and asked him if he had questions.

The boy, still gazing at the newborn, nodded and said, “Yeah, just one: How fast was that calf going when he hit that cow?”

The pastor explains, “At some point in life, we are each faced with some experience that exceeds any rational explanation.” You can read the entire article here: “Musing About: Rational Skepticism”.

3 thoughts on “Be Careful Little Eyes…

  1. This is too funny Mike. I have had all of my children and grandchildren involved in this process over the years with some being as young as 3. By watching in the fields during breeding season the subject will eventually come up. Thanks!

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