How to Live for God

CC BY-NC, Richard Yuan, Flickr
CC BY-NC, Richard Yuan, Flickr

While working the cash register one day on a former job, I met a guy who worked for the Minor League Baseball team in the area. I inquired about his role and he said he cut the field grass. It was the ultimate moment for me to get a longstanding question answered, so I asked him.

“How do you make those patterns in the grass?” His reaction was classic, if not a little embarrassing for me. That’s because he locked eyes with me for about a second or two and his face sneered “Are you serious?” Still, I was too eager for the answer.

“You just go the other way.”

Talk about an anticlimactic moment! I’ve learned since how simple it really is. It’s called lawn striping, but that’s not my point here (see video).

Finding Our Way

That incident makes me reflect on the godly life. Some people see living for Jesus as the hardest thing they could ever do. That’s because in their estimation they must read tomes of Bible and literature, publish all their secrets, go to church several days a week, and be a good and sweet individual.

There is much to be undertaken and none of it is anything like who they are or what they are trying to be at that point.

Sometimes veteran Christians make it difficult for seekers and new believers. It’s not that converts don’t wish to live godly or desire the true religion they understand of Christian faith; but we do them an injustice when we don’t cooperate with the Holy Spirit to form Christ within them in the way it must happen for them.

Each of us has his or her own process. When I comprehended living for Christ, I immediately shut off all secular music and TV and built from the ground-up with routine prayer and Bible study. But that won’t be everyone’s path, and only in time might the Spirit expose and excise certain hindrances.

But what any of us must do first is the least complicated thing: turn and go the other way. And herein we discover the depravity of our hearts that makes us fixatedly walk to our eternal demise, because in ourselves we don’t care to turn.

The simple things are often the profoundest. Thank God that the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of those who need Christ knows how to convince them that going the other direction is the better way.

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5 thoughts on “How to Live for God

  1. Loved the post. As I watched the video I started thinking the same thing on a spiritual level.

    By the way, thanks for showing me how they do it. I’ve always wondered too!

  2. Very nice post, Mike. The way God works in all of our lives is different. As a young Christian I was always looking for a formula. There are many “formulas” written out there, but they may not be for us. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and God’s Word is how we each shall be led. Thanks!!!

    • That’s right, Levi. There’s no problem with having a guide or framework; however, living for Christ is the point, not obedience to the guide. Brother Lawrence explains that spiritual discipline is a means to an end, which is God. As you said, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is key. Cheers!

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