How To Fight Like Heaven Against Hell

I was ambushed in college by a group of peers who sought to repay me for teasing one of their own. In fact, they kidnapped me. I was rushed upon in my own room and, as I tell it in The Day I Got Checkmated, “I fought as I had never done before, amazing myself as I beat back two at a time, wildly slinging some away and knocking others to the ground.” It was the most momentous fight I’ve ever had, even if only a friendly one.

Metaphorically, life comes knocking at our doors, too, but the fight it brings is worrisome and often hostile and evil. It helps to know early along this journey that God doesn’t usually stop the assaults headed our way. Oh, I’m sure there are some he does. But Jesus guarantees us that trouble will come (John 16:33), and sometimes we might take a beating or lose. I know that rattles some folks’ cage because in their minds, we always win even if that means God making things rebound to our good. Fine, but no one finishes this journey unscathed (John 15:18-25).

I think MercyMe got it right in their song “Greater”:

There’ll be days I lose the battle/Grace says that it doesn’t matter/’Cause the cross already won the war.

Praise God that we can lose without loss. God makes even hardship work for our well-being.

“And the Violent Take It…”

Peter admonishes, “Cast all your care on him because he cares for you” (1 Pet. 5:7). This verse is so easily read but can be so hard to live! That’s because life can invade like an armed gang, not knocking but crashing through all the doors and windows and chuting down the chimney!

Care in the verse indicates all things that pull our minds in different directions and draw us away from a quiet spirit. It signifies distraction and anxieties.

So Peter instructs us about our disposition toward these things: “cast…on him”. It literally means to toss them away or fling them off yourself and onto God. The way I hurled the guys off of me is the same way Peter says to treat the worries of this world. Assertively. Aggressively. Heave them onto God—where they don’t have a chance of surviving—because you are his delight and have all of his affection.

I don’t know what’s knocking at your door, and I don’t know how great a struggle it will be to throw your problems onto God. But I encourage you to fight your way free because God is standing near waiting to finish the fight.

What do you think?

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