A Devil’s Point of View

Tristan Graham, Flickr

Once again, here is a rethinking of a short passage, Mark 1:21-26, about Jesus casting out a spirit at the synagogue in Capernaum. Only one thing: it’s told from the perspective of the demon! Also, you should read The Book of Malchus, another post similar to this one. 

21In Capernaum on a Sabbath, Jesus, the Son of Heaven, taught in the synagogue. Having plotted many things to keep the soul given to me away on this day, still I failed: he arrived at this place through the work of the heavenly emissaries. 22There the power of the Most High was unbearable and dreadful to behold, for we who were concealed could see it radiating from Jesus and filling the hearts of those who received it. These were amazed at his words. He was not like most who taught because the Great Spirit filled him without measure. In my heart I trembled.

23Then terror arrested me. The kingdom he preached, that my host desired as he listened, I recalled to mind. I had once enjoyed it but then betrayed it. Now it was my enemy. 24Vexed by his words, I could not remain silent. While he taught I shouted and inquired, “Why do you afflict me, Jesus? Will you destroy us all now?” He stopped and looked at me. “I know you’re the Holy One of God!” I charged. 25He knew me; I was sure. He knew me as well as he knew this soul I held captive, for I too was his creation. But only a promise of judgment remained for me. O, the despair! In his gaze I felt the guilt of my treachery all over again. I wailed and battered this soul to the ground for all my grief. “Be quiet and do this man no harm!” he ordered, with authority I had never experienced. “Come out of him now!” he shouted.

Capernaum synagogue, israelitourism

26Suddenly I saw fire, like one that rises before the Omnipotent, come from him and seize me. I burned all over. The flame tortured me and itself witnessed to my disloyalty and vileness, the woeful sufferings of these beloved mortals, and even the punishment of the fiery lake to come. Never a torment have I felt as great! Now I regretted that I had not held my peace. I feared that the Son of Heaven should send me headlong into Hell at that moment.

Moreover, I clung to this soul with all my fading strength. For as long as I possessed him, his family would be sealed in disease and mental sorrow, which was my task and delight. If I couldn’t hold him, however, Jesus would unbind them all from that moment. I shrieked and called for help, even to Great Lucifer. Yet no one dared to stand against the power of the Most High. Here was my every plot to keep this soul defeated. I had known the risk. I departed and fearfully reported to my ruler.

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