God’s Love, Our Security

The Unfailing Love of God Series

Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” IN ALL THINGS, God is at work. Often we do not read this scripture correctly with God as the subject of the verse.

CC NC, Kat N.L.M., Flickr
CC NC, Kat N.L.M., Flickr

“All things work together” because God causes them to do so. The family member’s addiction, the boss’s malice, and the devastating illness are incapable of rendering good of their own accord. Evil, sorrow, and the fallen, sinful world do not produce or lead to good things. So we may not be able to thank God for all things, but we can learn to thank him for refining our lives in our trials.

This necessarily leads me to another faulty logic. Some people wrongly claim that it took everything they went through to bring them to Christ or to become better persons in some way. But I wonder, Is God unfair and mean?

Does he send people to prison for years on end just to wake them up to the straight-and-narrow? Does he give people disease or cause would-be parents to suffer the loss of multiple miscarriages to shake them loose of their sin? Of course not! But some people think this way.

The way has been hard for some people due to their wrong choices and they’ve suffered the consequences. Others have been unfortunate and fallen on hard times. Moreover, what it always requires to see the light is heeding wisdom’s instruction and doing what God says from the start. But we should not blame God for our sinful condition or the plight of life that happens to us all.

God’s extravagant love, however, is a faith-builder. We can have confidence that his fondness for us is pure, abundant, and privileged. Then, we can trust that he is providential and sees everything we go through and all that is heading our way. Yet he will lovingly lead us through it, no matter how tough it is, in a way whereby we are enriched and gain victory even when others only see tragedy or failure.

The deepest realization is that in God’s love there is no loss for the faithful.

4 thoughts on “God’s Love, Our Security

  1. This is hard teaching, Mike. Teaching I don’t like at all. But I agree. Someone told me that when we get to the end of this journey with Kylie’s health, we will see God in it. I corrected him – I see God in every nuance of it now. But I don’t like it or the road we are traveling. He is teaching us things daily, making us lean on him. It is hard to see, and the non-believer would never understand. Hope that makes sense, just a first hand affirmation of what you are pointing to.

    • Thank you for sharing that, Mark. It does indeed make sense because I’ve been learning it in other ways for some time now. To the comment told to you, I thought, The end of the journey? And you’re right: non-believers just won’t get it. His love escorts us through tough times.

  2. “Some people wrongly claim that it took everything they went through to bring them to Christ or to become better persons in some way. But I wonder, Is God unfair and mean?” Uh…no. It means they were dumb as a plank and didn’t have a clue until they lost everything. 🙂

    Great post, Mike. Amen. It’s these kinds of sentiments you bring up here that are annoying to me. We like to blame God for our poor choices. The truth is, God’s will is rarely done on the earth. But, nonetheless, He will take our dumbest choices, as well as circumstances beyond our control, or those things done to us by others, work out for our good if we will LET Him. We need to be clear…God does the “good” part; we’re the ones who do the bad, dumb or evil part.

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